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RV & Camping


Day Trips





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State Page




Pacific Beaches

Eastern WA

Washington Wine

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San Juan Islands


Oregon State

State Page



Pacific Beaches

Oregon Wines



British Columbia

BC Cities

BC Wines


US / Canada

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Border Crossing



Northern California




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IndexMontage-5-07fabbriche italiane di macchine formatrici di hamburgerfabbriche italiane di macchine formatrici di hamburger


Come visit our beautiful Northwest

Any time of the year


We have four distinct seasons, and each one brings spectacular

opportunities for activities and unique experiences.




Pacific Northwest Visitor Information















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Our Goal

Our goal is to give you quality visitor information to use as you travel in the northwest. We want to help you find the restaurants, accommodations, parks, scenic drives, scenic byways, and special places you may want to see while visiting British Columbia, Canada and the states of Washington, Oregon, northern California or the other states in the northwest while traveling by car or RV.  Our mission is to offer creative alternatives for your travels along the roads of our Great Pacific Northwest.  When you travel in Washington State you can expect scenes like the one shown in the photo above.  It is of a snow covered peak in the Cascade Mountains on US Highway-2.  It is typical of the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest.


We Travel

Unlike other sources of travel information we travel in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California as well as in the other states in the northwest and recommend lodging, restaurants, services and attractions that we have personally used or that have been highly recommended to us.  We only include places we would revisit.  We are not locals, selling our own area; we are visitors with a visitor’s prospective. 


Information about Wineries

We have always considered this site’s focus to be the I-5 corridor of the Pacific Northwest.  We had enough questions about the wine industry that we decided to add wine country to our site.  Since Washington’s Wine Country is in eastern Washington we decided to bring both online this year.  This fast growing northwest industry is a work in process, both the industry and this section of our web site.  For more information about wineries and eastern Washington click on the links below.

Eastern Washington           Washington Wine


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fabbriche italiane di macchine formatrici di hamburger For Washington State we have information on ferry trips travelers can take to get the feel of crossing Puget Sound and riding on the ferries of the largest ferry fleet in the United States.  Visit our Ferry loop day trips page.  Also see the opportunities of riding the ferries into the San Juan Islands.

Ferry Loops      San Juan Islands






City Information

For both Washington and Oregon we have listed nearly every city in each state and its location.  We have also linked the city pages for those cities we have online at this time.  We have some of the cities in the Province of British Columbia, Canada and we are working on getting more information online.

Oregon Cities

Washington Cities

BC Cities



A photo is loading......Pacific ocean Beaches

The Pacific Coast is a focal point for locals as well as for those who travel to the northwest.


We have included information about US Highway 101 mile by mile from Olympia, Washington as it winds around the Olympic Peninsula and down the Pacific Coast to Los Angeles, California.

maccmaccfabbriche italiane di macchine formatrici di hamburger US Highway 101 in Washington starting at Olympia.  You can click from page to page, following US-101 from its northern beginning in Olympia to its Southern end in Los Angeles, California.


We also have a page on the Pacific Beaches the will give you ideas on what facilities are available along the beaches.

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Pacific Beaches in Washington State

Pacific Beaches in Oregon State


We have most of the main highways in the northwest listed mile by mile.  We also have links to city pages and local attractions. 

Visit our highway listings page.  Traveling Northwest Highways


fabbriche italiane di macchine formatrici di hamburgerfabbriche italiane di macchine formatrici di hamburgerfabbriche italiane di macchine formatrici di hamburger Old Growth Forests

If you want to visit old growth forests visit our web site on locations where you can not only see but walk among these breath-taking wonders that have survived the ages.









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all rights reserved
















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